jueves, setiembre 21, 2006

12 looks, 2 hexagrams, 4 trigrams

I will try to organize the brainstorming session I had for my graduation runway show yesterday. Thankfully I was very inspired (maybe it was thanks to my friend Paulita who helped me that day)… it’s all documented in pages of hand written notes…. I still love to hand write notes.

I’m going to start with the whole “Three” thing again: I didn’t mention in the Three post that there are 6 of us graduating this year, in the year 2006… and that we are supposed to make 12 looks for the graduation runway show.

And after so much thinking of the number three, it was obvious I was going to use the number three to organize my thoughts. And it definitely helped.

Here we go (all of this information is subject to change):

I visualized my show like this:

12 looks
2 hexagrams (2 x 6)
4 trigrams (4 x 3)

Hexagram 1: Multi textured. Lycra, denim and "knitted stretch cotton" (don’t know how to call it in English. In spanish I would say something like: tejido de punto de algodón alycrado)
Hexagram 2: Mono textured. Lycra only.

Trigrams 1: Prêt-a-porter
Trigrams 2: Beachwear
Trigrams 3: Dancewear
Trigrams 4: Haute Couture

one two three (Hexagram 1, Trigram 1) (Multi textured, Prêt-a-porter)
one two three (Hexagram 2, Trigram 2) (Mono textured, Beachwear)
one two three (Hexagram 1, Trigram 3) (Multi textured, Dancewear)
one two three (Hexagram 2, Trigram 4) (Mono textured, Haute Couture)
Total = 12 looks, 2 hexagrams, 4 trigrams

I’m thinking of naming my brand “aïa” and the collection “one two three”

There is more infomation but I will write it little by little so it's more clear.

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