jueves, febrero 08, 2007

Spotted by Mr. Face Hunter

Posing outside of the São Paulo Fashion Week (SPFW)
Photo: Yvan Rodic (Mr. Face Hunter)

Yvan, Mr. Face Hunter, went style hunting in the SPFW and I had the opportunity to meet him... The cool thing about this encounter in my life and that no. 1, I LOVE HIS BLOG, no. 2, I remember creating the look you see on the pic and thinking "If Mr. Face Hunter sees me like this, he will most likely be interested."Well, it was a really good surprize to see him there... I saw this guy that caugth my attention with his simple but very stylish and updated look and then I have a feeling it is him because I see him looking around for people to take pictures of. He's got very good technique to take the photos. Well, I went to say hello... he wasn't very interested on my looks on day 1 or 2... but on day 3, I decided to wear "the" look and knew he was going to like it... He was like "huum, how colorful! Can I take a picture? Can we go outside where there is color?" :) He's got it so clear! Lots of talent with very special and unique personality.

Oh, and yes, I was having a bad hair day, aah. :) But seriously, I just didn't have time... I never had time to really work on my hair and makeup; I was running around...

Yvan (mr. Face Hunter) posing for me

miércoles, febrero 07, 2007

Cosmic Dancers, the definition

Photo: Christian Rodriguez

Cosmic Dancers are clothes for moving, for special occasions and for extraordinary places. The collection is based in this tripod and the art of dancing as well as the need to generate for this medium an unusual aesthetic conformity. Monica’s motivations for creating Cosmic Dancers – that explores liberty of movement – were to research her artistic side and her relationship with dancing. The main material used is Lycra that presents itself in vibrant and cheerful multicolored ways. This is distinctive of her work, made for the young and active woman, fully complaisant with her way of life. “I belong to the 80’s – says Monica – where dance and liberty predominate, and that exists inside me. Furthermore, I do continuous research and I have observed that it is a present trend. I am proud of the possibility of dancing also be seen through this new visual aspect: design”. The collection is also inspired in Merce Cunningham’s modern dance technique at whose New York studios Monica had the opportunity of acquiring a new conscience of her body and of movement through random chance, a concept that is deeply-rooted in this live dance legend.

martes, febrero 06, 2007

Cosmic Dancers, the editorial

The whole process of the production took us exactly 24 hours, with only 3 hours of sleep and 333 km of road. There are three models, three locations and three times of a day (sunset, sunrise and midday); going along my obsession with the number three.

The photos are in the order they were taken.


Colection: Cosmic Dancers, Summer 2007
Designer: Monica Zanocchi
Photographer: Christian Rodriguez
Models: (1) Augustina Brum, (2) Monica Zanocchi and (3) Stefania Tortorella
Production and Art Director: Monica Zanocchi
Production Assistant: Gastón Molnar (the best ever (and cute too))

Locations: Montevideo y Punta del Este, Uruguay in December, 2006

Cosmic Dancer, the runway show


Just got back from being away for a month (including I went to the São Paulo Fashion Week), after the craziness of last year's end of year. Just now I'm being able to post this pictures, sorry how late they are. In today's age, this is already really old news... :) Time in the Internet goes too fast; I must catch up!!

Anyway, without wasting any more time, here you will see some of the best pics of my graduating runway show. Unfortunately, I don't think they came out that good and you will only be able to see half of the total 12 looks. This has nothing to do with the photographers, which are both excellent, it has to do with the lighting (it was a disaster), the disorganization backstage and how the clothes actually went out on the runway, and other variables (such as some complications with the models, etc). Backstage was a nightmare, but I remember feeling different when the models were going out, one by one, to show my clothes. I felt calm, happy, satisfied, full of energy... It felt really special.... I still haven't seen video footage of the show.