lunes, setiembre 25, 2006

1+1 = 3

I haven't asked John for his official permission to put part of his email in my blog, but that doens't matter, I'm sure he will be alright

Here it is: John explaining with his own words, the 3 theory. (It's really exciting by the way)

"now on to 1+1= 3 theory. To fully implement 3 theory into design here are some interesting facts to help. 3 is complete balance. think about how if theres 3 legs on a chair it wont wobble, but if you have 4 it will. Think how many primary colors there are, think holy trinity, think molecular structure. Think about my Frizzball toy. 3 balls connected at a center point, when thrown thru the air you have complete balance by centrifugal force. Then go back to 1+1=3 theory. You can actually google this and other people are writing 1+1=3 in other things. 1+1 is 3 simply theorizes that when you add one complete component to another completely different component you dont get two components like 1+1=2, you get a third. Think if you take pure black and pure white and mix them you get a new color. Grey, a 3rd new element. Consider this when you design, consider balance of three ofcourse as well. 3 is also Pi. # has all the answrs you need, which might also be why you work in multiples of 3. Enough said on that."

Thanks John!

PS: Johnsito by the way is an almost famous paintor (soon I will be showcasing his art)! :) He is one of the most talented people I've met and his soon to be wife, Paulita, is one of the most connected people I have ever met... Together we make a perfect 1+1 = 3. I don't know what I was of them in another life, but definitely something because I really really connect with them.

Yes, I do believe in past lives.

And everything in life has a reason... (this is confirmed in my life almost everyday - oba!)

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