domingo, agosto 27, 2006

Madonna - Get Together


Implications of the title

  • 易 (), when used as an adjective, means "easy" or "simple", while as a verb it implies "to change".
  • 經 (jīng) here means "classic (text)", which derived from its original meaning of "regularity" or "persistency", implying that the text describes the Ultimate Way which will not change throughout the flow of time.

The conception behind this title, thus, is profound. It has three implications:

  1. Simplicity - the root of the substance. The fundamental law underlying everything in the universe is utterly plain and simple, no matter how abstruse or complex some things may appear to be.
  2. Variability - the use of the substance. Everything in the universe is continually changing. By comprehending this one may realize the importance of flexibility in life and may thus cultivate the proper attitude for dealing with a multiplicity of diverse situations.
  3. Persistency - the essence of the substance. While everything in the universe seems to be changing, among the changing tides there is a persistent principle, a central rule, which does not vary with space and time.

(易一名而含三義:易簡一也;變易二也;不易三也。 commented on by Zheng Xuan (鄭玄 zhèng xúan) in his writings Critique of I Ching (易贊 yì zàn) and Commentary on I Ching (易論 yì lùn) of Eastern Han Dynasty).

Due to the profound ideas conveyed by the title itself, it is practically impossible to arrive at an unbiased translation which could preserve the original concepts intact. The translation of the title into English used to be Book of Changes, though a slightly more accurate name, Classic of Changes, appears more frequently in recent use.

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martes, agosto 22, 2006

Combinación de Colores

Esto puede facilmente inspirarme para una carta de colores. It's really wow!
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Cunningham Picture of the Day

Cunningham in Yellow
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Maybe this is how we'll dress in the future?

Yo quiero!

by Marc Jacobs


Haa! Descubrí de donde Nike sacó la idea...

domingo, agosto 20, 2006

Danielle Scutt

Danielle Scutt - Fall Winter 2006 2007

By Chance

Dancing Under the Red Light

Mark and Cathy

Performing in NYC

Mark, Monica, Abi and Cathy

Maddona- Deeper and Deeper

Madoona es la mejor! Esto es un homenaje a las fiestas que he ido del mundo de Milagrito Films. Madonna siempre está y siempre es un momento maravilloso.

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Crazy by Gnarls Barkley

This is so well done! It deserves to be here...

viernes, agosto 18, 2006

Cunningham at youtube - Changing Steps

Cunningham Picture of the Day

Merce Cunningham in "Changeling" 1956
Photo by Richard Rutledge in

I love Cunningham; you will find that out little by little... My life changed after my experience in the Cunningham world. I lived in NY for a year and a half (2003 - 2004) and worked at the Merce Cunningham Dance Company in the Development department while being a student at the studio... The Cunningham technique, in my opinion, is the most amazing dance technique in the world. The movement, the shapes, all the possibilities... It's amazing. Not too long ago I had a realization... this is what I wrote in an email to friend's of mine in NY:

"I realize a lot more now a days how much I felt in love with the technique, with the concepts, with the sensations, the energy... it's really incredible. Right now I sort of feel like Cunningham came into my life to stay, even if indirectly... I have been thinking about how can I apply his concepts to the creation of garments..."

So for my graduation runway show this November, I will try to apply Cunningham's creation concept to the creation of clothes... and I think this is the beginning of a very important life-long investigation.

My first colection "Olhando no Espelho"

I'll try it once again

I’ve always had intention in keeping a diary and never got around to it. I just can’t do it… so I cannot compromise that I will do this always, I have tried in the past and hasn't worked, but I surely know this is what I want to do… I just need to organize my time better. I have a lot of plans but never seem to find the time to do it...

What I do do is every once in a while write HUGE emails to my friends. I disappear for a while and then to compensate I write enormous emails telling them all the news… I could even post some of them… Some of them are really good! I’ve been writing emails since 97 when I left Brazil to go live in the US so I guess that's my type diary… too bad hotmail didn’t keep my sent messages back then, I’m sure I’ve lost real good information and some of the best emails! (I hate hotmail). I guess I just realized that I am an email writer… so I will write emails in my blog.

I decided I'll just talk about the things that I read, or think, or want to experiment with not limiting myself to doing a “fashion” blog… I do love fashion, study and work with it, read a lot about it, but I also have another important passion: dance. And have lots of other interests too, so I will just talk about whatever I feel like. I’m doing this for me, so I can read this later… And I’m writing this for you, if you find it interesting.

Anyway, I just decided to be myself, which is a beautiful thing…

One thing you need to know about me is that I speak three languages all the time and will do the same here… If I have to be me then I have to write in three languages. I am Brazilian, daughter of Uruguayans, lived in the US for almost 8 years and live in Uruguay in the moment.