martes, febrero 06, 2007

Cosmic Dancers, the editorial

The whole process of the production took us exactly 24 hours, with only 3 hours of sleep and 333 km of road. There are three models, three locations and three times of a day (sunset, sunrise and midday); going along my obsession with the number three.

The photos are in the order they were taken.


Colection: Cosmic Dancers, Summer 2007
Designer: Monica Zanocchi
Photographer: Christian Rodriguez
Models: (1) Augustina Brum, (2) Monica Zanocchi and (3) Stefania Tortorella
Production and Art Director: Monica Zanocchi
Production Assistant: Gastón Molnar (the best ever (and cute too))

Locations: Montevideo y Punta del Este, Uruguay in December, 2006

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