martes, febrero 06, 2007

Cosmic Dancer, the runway show


Just got back from being away for a month (including I went to the São Paulo Fashion Week), after the craziness of last year's end of year. Just now I'm being able to post this pictures, sorry how late they are. In today's age, this is already really old news... :) Time in the Internet goes too fast; I must catch up!!

Anyway, without wasting any more time, here you will see some of the best pics of my graduating runway show. Unfortunately, I don't think they came out that good and you will only be able to see half of the total 12 looks. This has nothing to do with the photographers, which are both excellent, it has to do with the lighting (it was a disaster), the disorganization backstage and how the clothes actually went out on the runway, and other variables (such as some complications with the models, etc). Backstage was a nightmare, but I remember feeling different when the models were going out, one by one, to show my clothes. I felt calm, happy, satisfied, full of energy... It felt really special.... I still haven't seen video footage of the show.

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