miércoles, febrero 07, 2007

Cosmic Dancers, the definition

Photo: Christian Rodriguez

Cosmic Dancers are clothes for moving, for special occasions and for extraordinary places. The collection is based in this tripod and the art of dancing as well as the need to generate for this medium an unusual aesthetic conformity. Monica’s motivations for creating Cosmic Dancers – that explores liberty of movement – were to research her artistic side and her relationship with dancing. The main material used is Lycra that presents itself in vibrant and cheerful multicolored ways. This is distinctive of her work, made for the young and active woman, fully complaisant with her way of life. “I belong to the 80’s – says Monica – where dance and liberty predominate, and that exists inside me. Furthermore, I do continuous research and I have observed that it is a present trend. I am proud of the possibility of dancing also be seen through this new visual aspect: design”. The collection is also inspired in Merce Cunningham’s modern dance technique at whose New York studios Monica had the opportunity of acquiring a new conscience of her body and of movement through random chance, a concept that is deeply-rooted in this live dance legend.

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