lunes, octubre 16, 2006


Hello! I haven't updated my blog in 10 days and if I start to write all the things that I'm thinking about right now I would be doing it forever. Unfortunately I don't have much time this moment.

Anyway, a quick update would be: I spent all of last week in São Paulo, buying the fabrics for my end of year show. It was a life changing experience... I even visited heaven!! Yes, heaven. My super friend Fabiana (thanks again!!) took me to a lycra (yes LYCRA not liquor) store and I haven't been the same since. You have NO idea of the lycra you can get in Brazil... damn… I remember being totally in awe... I actually couldn't think in there, it was overwhelming (yes, lycra is that important to me). And well, I went from heaven to hell when I had to decide which lycra to take. Oh my god, that was VERY stressful... I swear I couldn't think, seriously, there was too much to choose from... I'm starting to realize maybe I didn't buy the right type of lycra, I should have gotten other different textures, but well, I'll have to improvise (that's what I do best anyway). And here I am, back to Uruguay, with some colorful lycra and my life changed...

I have already started to improvise and produce the collection. In a few days we will be taking pictures of one look for a small magazine we will be printing to spread out the word about the runway show. We hope it will be packed with people. Once I have the pic, I'll see (yes, I’m not guaranteeing) if I post it here.

Also, I haven’t talked much about my boyfriend Gaston (merchant marine), but he is finally coming back soon! We haven’t seen each other for the past 6 months! He is somewhere in Africa and could be coming anytime now… We will only speak if he has the opportunity to call from the airport. I’m thinking he is probably going to surprise us... but really, I don’t know what to think anymore, I’m just getting really impatient, so if you talk to me in the wrong moment I may yell at you. Sorry.

Also, my brother is coming this week with my BEAUTIFUL nephew and sister in law. Obba!!

And in mid November I will be in Miami for John’s and Paula’s really important wedding with Gaston(cito)… My amazing friend Louise (from Fortaleza currently living in Texas with her husband, Ryan) is coming to see my other amazing friend Cecília (from Fortaleza, currently studying in Miami) and I. And I will be seeing all my beautiful Miami friends! AND I’m going to the beach!!!

So there are a lot of important things happening at once, it’s all really intense.

I’m ready to jump! Are you ready to jump?

Oh, one more thing, I bought the new Justin Timberlake cd in São Paulo, and I have to say: he is HOT! Well, I really want to put his "My Love" video here, take a look, it deserves your time, the dancing is AMAZING! If you want, just fast-forward the long 1:42 minute intro... then the song really starts and maybe you'll understand me.


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