domingo, octubre 29, 2006

Dreaming of Sustainable Dance Floors

Simply a beautiful and "full of hope" business idea. Imagine what a beautiful thing: Inteligently recicle the energy we release while dancing... That's a world I want to experience.

photo and full article found here

"Enviu, an environmental NGO for young people, is working together with architectural firm Döll to create a truly sustainable nightclub. The club they envision will feature energy-generating dance floors (excellent way to extract kilowatts from energetic clubbers), toilets that flush with rain water, walls that change colour as a reaction to temperature changes, a rooftop garden and other elements that combine to create a sustainable clubbing environment.

Working with the Technical University of Delft and the Development Board of Rotterdam, Enviu and Döll aim to build a club that will be fun and profitable, yet will have a low impact on the environment, while raising awareness for social and environmental issues." (

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