domingo, mayo 06, 2007

"Soy Fashionista" Collection - Fall Winter 2007

This are the first good pictures I got from the collection. Obviously there are details I wish to change, I was the last one to show the collection that day and had little time to dress the models... For example: I made two big bags and one of them didn't go on the runway... With the craziness, it was forgotten! AAh! But that's okay, things happen and I'm getting more experienced each time. This is my third runway show.

"A" line pattern comfy dress

Silver vest with cranberry baloon short dress

Violet Minimal Wings Dress with gray patterned leggings with tones of violet, fuchsia and silver

This look didn't go on the runway exactly as I wanted. The bag should have been used across the body and the huge collar (which could also be used as a hood) came out looking pretty bad, it can look much better than that. Oversized patterned t-shirt dress, gray leggings, knit violet dress and silver big bag

T-shirt dress, violet leggings and silver parka

Short baloon dress with knots (dress no. 1 - it started here)

This look didn't come out good in the picture, but it is really cute in person! Apart from that, here is where the other big bag should have been used, but was forgotten. Gray minimal dress with godets, knit sweater with hood, gray patterned leggings and (supposedly) velvet big bag

Weird cranberry dress

Dragonfly violet dress with wing

The most important dress of the collection, the "vedet" dress with petals

Me in the end with one of my favorite models, Evelyn Novick

Dahiana Fernandez, Carol Degenez, Romina di Bartolomeu, Valéria Stella, Mercedes Esclavo, Sol Sanchez, Juana Grueber, Miriam Paniagua, Catherine Gonzalvez y Evelyn Novick

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me encanta!, cuando podemos adquirir tus prendas? adoré el "Dragonfly violet dress with wing". Congrats!.