jueves, diciembre 07, 2006

Preview of Cosmic Dancers

Stefania, a Cosmic Dancer

Coleccion: "Cosmic Dancers" por Monica Zanocchi / fotografia: Cristhian Rodriguez / retoque digital: Flavio Giusti - piso8.com / modelo: Stefania Tortorella / Montevideo Models / maquillaje y peinados: Daniel Ortega para Fabian Sciutto / calzado: Melissa en Paulina Gross

Cosmic Dancers is the name of the collection I will be showcasing on Dec. 14th, 2006, in Montevideo, Uruguay. My thesis is clothing with total freedom of movement to go to a dance class, a special party, uber fashionable event, etc.

Tomorrow I will be videotaping my first dance video, will update later on all of this.

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